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Boon Edam workshop LCA

For a major firm in revolving doors we made a practical workshop to explore the impact of their products on the environment using the Ecolizer as a basic tool. Some surprising elements were found during the workshop and are now studied to incorporate into their product portfolio.

DfGG Design for Green Growth
with GrAT en Korean entrepreneurs

The training on Product and Service Design for green Growth (DfGG) is a special training programme. It was organised under the framework of the Green Growth Policy with an aim to provide planners, designers, engineers and trategy makers in Korean enterprises with an opportunity to explore sustainable problem solving approaches. from the program, teh participants will acquire knowledge on designing sustainable product service systems to improve economic, environmental and social aspects of sustainability, relevant to the context of their businesses.

Ecolizer for Dummies
 by Paul Eilbracht
This presentation is about the practical use of the Ecolizer tool for LCA Life Cycle Analysis. The worth of Ecodesign and the use of this and other tools will be clearified. Seen in the light of Cradle to Cradle, the Ecolizer is a useful, effective and effient too.

Dutch Design Week

Green Design
 by Paul Eilbracht in Hong Kong

Workshop green design for the Hong Kong Design Centre.
This workshop dispels myths and misconceptions about Green Design and manufacturing by offering the latest design approaches and solutions in the use of bio-degradable and eco-friendly materials, recycling, as well as issues concerning carbon footprints. Participants learn Green Design best practises to ensure that the quest for commercial distinction can also become much more environmentally conscious.
Three different workshops were conducted: Cradle to Cradle Design, Green Materials and LCA principles.

Workshop cradle to cradle
 by Paul Eilbracht in Antwerpen
Workshop cradle to cradle materials for the Product Design School in Antwerpen.


S-House is open for public. This Straw House is build in Austria by our friends of GrAT and Architect Georg Scheicher.


We are looking for manufacturers for our Simplyfire project!




Design4U controlroom solutions


Treeplast products from 100% bio-based material


Tree-pod biobased tablet-/ laptopstandard

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