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Product or packing?
The boundaries between the consumer product and non-food packing are fading. Also, there is a tendency towards throwaway consumer products with a low quality and price. Design4U is exploring this boundary with new product designs which appear to fit in both categories, for example:

Old-paper box, product or packing?
And all biodegradable!

Expertise on renewable materials

Originally, wse are a product design bureau. From this perspective we make packing designs that are optimized on ergonomics logistics and functionality. In the design process we regard the possibility of the usage of renewable and/ or biodegradable materials as self-evident.

Packing in biodegradable possible?
A lot is already possible, especially in non-food packing.
 However, in our view the usage of a renewable must give real added value to a product. To achieve this, our bureau has access to a large network of consultants, experts and producers all specialized in the field of biomaterials. Most important is our own expertise, acquired in years of experience on the marketing of- and working with biomaterials.

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